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For Artists
For Artists If you are an artist who would like to consider having J. Todd Galleries represent you, you can make a submission to us via email at fineart@jtodd.com. We are mostly interested in oils on canvas. We will consider acrylics and watercolor only if you have a proven track record in the $1,000 and above price range. We are NOT currently accepting pastel, graphics or sculpture. Please allow three weeks to get a response.

Here's what you'll need to tell us:

1) Your name

2) Your address

3)Your telephone number

4) Your e-mail address

5) Your biographical information, e.g. where you learned to paint, educational data, other galleries where you've shown, any awards or distinctions you've earned, etc.

6) What you paint, e.g. medium, subjects, typical sizes, etc.

7) Send us a minimum of five images of available paintings. Do NOT send us images of sold artwork. The subject of the e-mail must be ARTIST SUBMISSION, otherwise it may be thrown out as spam.

8) Include the size of each piece

9) Include the retail price of each piece